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Create & manage a community for your software project
What is it?
> Elseif is a tool to create a discussion forum and build a community for your software project. Think of it as HackerNews or Reddit for your software project.
> You can use Elseif to keep users of your software engaged. You can make announcements. Let them ask questions. Post links & code snippets. Discuss issues / pull requests from GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab etc.
Aren't there many discussion forum software already?
> Sure there is. We created Elseif to scratch our own itch though. Elseif is a hosted solution, specifically designed for developers, so you'll find features that are targeted very much to developers, like ourselves.
Like what?
> You can select a project from your GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab account and create a community instantly. You can import & embed issues and PRs directly. You can embed StackOverflow questions and HackerNews posts. You can see a complete list of our features here.
Do you have an example I can see?
> Yes of course. We've been using Elseif ourselves for the users of Elseif - how meta - blog.elseif.net
Is it free?
> Yes. We are in early days and we want to grow Elseif carefully. So we are working with our users to fix bugs and improve. We will introduce paid plans in the future. But we guarantee there will always be a free plan.
Can I host it myself?
> Not at this stage. We are planning to release an open source in the future, which you can download and host it yourself.
Who are you guys and how do I get in touch with you guys?
> We are a small team of developers based in Sydney, Australia. You can email us at hello@elseif.net or reach out to us on Twitter.