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Create & manage a community for your software project
Elseif features
> Following is the list of core features provided by Elseif. There are many more and we're constantly adding new features each day. We try to make an announcement via our own discussion forum - hosted on Elseif of course! If you have any specific questions, you can always email us or better yet sign up and start exploring!
^ Select a repo in GitHub / BitBucket / GitLab and launch community directly.
Elseif can connect to your existing repo and create a community instantly. Or you can start from a blank community.
^ Custom domain
Use your own domain name for your community. Don't have one? We'll give you a sub-domain in a format of http://abc.elseif.net. You can change the abc part at any time.
^ Make your community either private or public
Depending on what your needs are, you can make your community private so that only a registered and approved members can access the community.
^ Let members register with their existing third-party accounts
Members can sign up on your community with username / password or they can use either GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Twitter or Google.
^ Newsletter feature included
By default, Elseif will send out newsletters to your members and subscribers. Of course you can turn this off if you want to.
^ Analyze your community with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster
Elseif offers basic analytics about how your community is performing. Otherwise, you can include Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to get deeper insights.
^ Customize the way your community looks
Change the way your community looks by selecting a theme and then further changing the styles for different elements.
^ Built-in newsletter
Let your visitors sign up for newsletters to receive updates regularly.
^ Translate your community
Change text labels and wordings to further personalize your community. You can even change to another language if you wish.
^ Vote, favorite, tag, categories etc.
And of course, Elseif includes all the standard features of discussion forums such as voting, liking, categories and tags, which you can all customize.
^ Like?
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