Create & manage a community for your software project.
With everything you need to manage a successful software community,
you can focus on your software and your users, at the same time.

Focus on your software and your fans at the same time.
Let's face it. Developing software and managing users at the same time isn't easy. While you love working on your software, you also know that it's important to take care of your users.
Elseif was created to help you with managing your software community. It has everything you need to take care of your users, so you can have more time focusing on your work.
Please check out our features below to get more information. We will be launching very soon. So please sign up to be notified when we're ready.
Elseif Core Features
Select a project & off you go. Nothing to install.
Select a project from GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab (or start a blank one). Give it a name and your very own community is ready to go. There is nothing to download, install and set-up.
Make your community stand out - batteries included.
Use your own domain? Make your community private or public? Customize the design? Our list & features are extensive to make your community outstanding.
Deeply integrated with what you already use.
Quickly start a discussion on a particular issue, commit or a pull request from GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab. With more integrations being added, you and your users will find it right at home.
Developer-centric editor for developer-friendly contents.
We have created a content editor specific for developers to create a developer-friendly contents. Embed PR, code, commits, StackOverflow questions and more with a click of a button.
Easy & friendly member management.
Keep your users updated with announcements & newsletters. Help them discuss your software in a friendly and thoughtful manner. And above all, keep them happy by engaging with them directly.
Analyze everything, learn, improve & repeat
Analyze your community's performance via our dashboard and reports, or integrate directly with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. Observe key metrics and apply different strategies to grow and improve.
Make your site stand out by designing it yourself.
Choose a theme & change fonts, colors and sizes. Apply CSS to various elements in the site to make it uniquely yours. Upload a logo, favicon and background images to give that personal touch.
Let your community speak your language.
Don't like a wording or a label on the site? You can change every single one of them to suit your needs. Translate the entire site into another language if you want to. It's yours, so let it speak your language.
Backed by our famous support, every step of the way.
We are developers ourselves. So we'd like to think we understand what you need. Let us know of any issue at any time and we'll help you right away. No call centers. Just a friendly & responsive help.
Launching soon. Sign up to be notified.
OK. We know you don't have time and we know you don't like long & yet-another-landing-page thingy. So we'll jump straight to the point.
Elseif is a forum, specifically designed for software projects & developers.
You can use Elseif to keep your users notified of latest news and updates.
You can also use Elseif to discuss issues, PRs and commits from GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab.
Elseif has its own block-based content editor designed to create developer-friendly contents. This lets you embed GitHub issues directly, embed code, videos, links, StackOverflow questions and more.
You can manage everything from our admin panel. You can connect a custom domain. You can make your community private. There is a RSS feed, a threaded comment engine, dashboard, reports & newsletters.
We're a small team based in Sydney Australia. We are developers ourselves and we created it so we can better take care of users of our open source software projects.
We'll stop there. If you have any questions, please email at We are launching soon, so it would be awesome if you sign-up so we can let you know. Thank you for your time.