Instant discussion forum for your software projects
Elseif is the missing discussion forum for your projects on GitHub, BitBucket & GitLab.
Packed with everything you need to create & manage a community for your software.
Let's launch your community!
Did we mention it's free?
for developers, by developers
Focus on your software projects &
take care of your users at the same time.
Developing and maintaining a successful software project isn't just about coding. It involves keeping your users engaged, announcing news & updates, answering their questions etc, all of which are critical to your project's success.
As developers ourselves, we know you're busy. So we created Elseif to help you easily create & manage your very own community with all the tools you need.
Elseif Core Features
Get your very own software community in 10 seconds
Connect and select your project from GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab (or start a blank one). Give it a name and you're ready to go.
Customization? Yes we have it. Make yours uniquely yours.
Custom domain? Private or public access? Themes & style change? Logo & favicon? etc. We have many features.
Developer-focused editor for developer-friendly contents.
Embed issues, pull requests, code, gists, commits, SO questions etc with Elseif's editor to create developer-focused posts.
Easy & friendly member management.
Manage your users easily via our admin tool. Enable newsletters & notifications to keep them updated. Make them happy by engaging with them directly.
Analyze everything, learn, improve & repeat
Analyze your community's performance via dashboard or integrate with Google Analytics & Google Webmaster. Easily analyze key metrics so you can grow.
Make your site stand out by designing it yourself.
Choose a theme & change fonts, colors and sizes. Apply CSS to various elements in the site just the way you like and make it truly yours & stand out.
Let your community speak your language.
Don't like a wording or a label? Change every single one of them to suit your needs. Translate the entire site into another language if you want to.
Backed by our famous support, every step of the way.
We are developers ourselves. So we'd like to think we understand what you need. Let us know of any issue at any time and we'll help you right away.